Birth : 1929 in Soresina (Province of Cremona)


Francesco Mario BISSOLOTTI was initially trained as a wood carver and engraver during the 1940s and continued his study of these trades until the beginning of the 1950s. Concurrent to this training, BISSOLOTTI studied music and the violin and became an excellent amateur violinist.
In 1957, he joined
the International School of Violin Making in Cremona where he graduated in 1961. During his years at the school, he studied under Pietro SGARABOTTO, Giuseppe ORNATI and Ferdinando GARIMBERTI.
From 1962 to 1972, BISSOLOTTI studied under the guidance of Simone Fernando SACCONI, whose influence played a great role in his professional life.

BISSOLOTTI opened his first workshop located at Via Platina in Cremona, moving to a series of different locations before settling at 18 Via Milazzo in 1971, where he continues to work to this day with his sons and pupils.

Francesco BISSOLOTTI was also a reputed teacher at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona during for more than twenty years (1960-1982). He is a founding member of ACLAP (the Cremonese Association of Professional Violin Makers) and member of EILA (the International Society of Violin and Bow Makers) since 1979.

BISSOLOTTI’s instruments, made after the classical masters of Cremona, Milan and Brescia, are built after the traditional technique of internal mould. 

Collaborators and Successors
BISSOLOTTI's son and pupil,
Vincenzo BISSOLOTTI, continues to work alongside him in his Cremona workshop.

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