Birth : 1893 in Mirecourt. (Vosges). Death : 1967 in Mirecourt. (Vosges).


Son of Ignace BISCH, a craftsman for THIBOUVILLE LAMY , Paul BISCH entered this great firm before joining Léon MOUGENOT for a certain period. He later returned to Thibouville to work under the direction of Marius DIDIER.
In 1919, after World War I, BISCH was given the opportunity to join the great Parisian violin makers
CARESSA et FRANCAIS. There he learned the art of restoration and was exposed to prestigious instruments of various schools.

Paul BISCH later returned to Mirecourt to establish his own workshop at 2 Rue Chantaire. In 1923 he formed a partnership with Chistian OLIVIER, with whom he developed a workshop that specialized in the production of fine violins known as "A La Lyre" located at 74 Rue de Turbigot in Paris. In this partnership, Paul BISCH was in charge of the technical production while C. OLIVIER managed all business aspects. This collaboration lasted until 1929. With the growth of his workshop’s reputation, BISCH moved to a new location at 8 rue Saint Georges in Mirecourt, circa 1930. 

BISCH’s career production is estimated at around 500 instruments and range from student instruments to concert violins. The best samples bearing his stamp are both signed and numbered.

Honors and Awards
1924 Silver Medal at the Nancy Exposition
1927-1961 Gold Medal at the Paris Exhibition
1928 Grand Prix of Craftsmanship
1961 Best French Craftsman

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