Son of Gian Paolo CASTAGNERI, a violin maker of Cremonese origin working in Paris as early as the first part of the XVII century, Andrea CASTAGNERI practiced his trade during the XVIII century in Paris. Opinions differ among authors concerning the exact period of his professional activity: R. VANNES suggests that it spanned the years from 1732 to 1759, while W. HENLEY estimates 1730 to 1762.

Andrea CASTAGNERI 's fine craftsmanship is reminiscent of GUERSAN. His graceful violins with quite open FFs are coated with a beautiful red-brown or golden-brown varnish and noted for their tone. A. CASTAGNERI is one of the main figures of the "École Vieux Paris" French school.

Andrea  CASTAGNERI succeeded his father in the Hôtel de Soisson workshop, before moving to Rue des Prouvaires circa 1745.

Honors & awards
The eponymous French "Castagneri String Quartet" performs on four of his instruments.

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