Birth : 1865 in Montiglio Monferrato Death : 1939 in Turin


Born in Montiglio Monferrato in 1866, Annibale FAGNOLA - a skillful self-taught maker - established his workshop in Turin, via Tomaso n°7, before moving to Via Giovanni Camerana n°10 after WWI, where he remained until his death in October 1939.

During his first ten years, Annibale FAGNOLA concentrated on producing copies of the most important makers of the nineteenth century with great talent, such as Giovanni PRESSENDA or Giuseppe ROCCA. He also copied GB GUADAGNINI and created original models. In all, he made about 400 instruments including some violas and cellos.

Annibale FAGNOLA used mainly one-piece backs even if during the 1920's he often opted for the two-piece backs.
His instruments are coated with a rich orange-red or golden-yellow varnish.
FAGNOLA's production is outstanding, his instruments being noted for beauty and tone and is considered one of the most important makers of the twentieth century.

Label & Stamps
For his own models, FAGNOLA used a handwritten label which reads :
Hannibal Fagnola Fecit
Taurini Anno Domini 19xx

Beginning in the 1920's FAGNOLA often included an autographed inscription written internally on the upper left rib. Certain labels bear FAGNOLA's autograph signature as well.
For his "imitations" of PRESSENDA, FAGNOLA used his label together with a facsimile of PRESSENDA's label.
For the "copies" made after ROCCA, FAGNOLA used both his label and ROCCA's label together with the latter's brand : "GR" enclosed in an ellipse stamped in various places on the instrument.

Honors & Awards
Annibale FAGNOLA's refined work won several awards:
1906 in Milan (silver medal) and Genoa (Gold medal);
1911 in Turin at the International Exposition (
gold medal for a quartet).

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