This name belong from a family of violin makers having been in activity at Mirecourt all along the XIX° century. After the René Vannes Dictionary of violin Makers, a violin built circa 1860 was bearing a stamp "Lacombe Vigneron".
Another violin that we have been able to see, was signed to the inside table "Fabrique de Lacombe Jeune Mirecourt Vosges 1875" and. labelled J. Bapt. Rogerius. The word "Fabrique" meaning a workshop including at least several workers, one can think that this family has produced quite an important amount of instruments, working anonymously for the great Mirecourt's firms. After Roland TERRIER, violin maker in Mirecourt and recognised expert of the Mirecourt violin making history, a violin of Nicolas François VUILLAUME was bearing the following inscription : Joseph Garabeuf dit Lacombe".

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