Birth : 1787 in Versailles (Yvelines) Death : 1845 in Paris (Ile de France)


Also known as GAND Père.
One of the main French violin makers.


Known as Gand Père, Charles François GAND was the son and pupil of Charles Michel GAND, a violin maker who was living in Mirecourt circa 1750, before coming to Versailles in 1780.
He worked first with Nicolas LUPOT from 1802 to 1810, then joined his father's workshop, where he signed some violins between 1807 and 1816.
At the death of his father, in 1820, Charles François GAND took over the workshop of Jean Gabriel KOLIKER at 24 rue Croix des Petits Champs in Paris. He married Nicolas LUPOT's adopted daughter and succeeded LUPOT in 1824.

Charles François GAND is considered as one of the primary French violin makers. His instruments are typical of the French school of this period and the best ones are deeply influenced by LUPOT.
They are bold and powerful, coated with a rich red-brown or orange-brown varnish. GAND also made some violins consisting of a three piece table, the third strip in the center being as large as the bridge width.

Honors & Awards
Luthier de la Musique du Roi (Luthier of the King's Music)
Luthier de l'Ecole Royale de Musique (Luthier of the Royal School of Music)
Luthier du Conservatoire Royal de Musique (Luthier of the Royal Music Conservatory)

BARBÉ Télesphore Amable
BERNARDEL Auguste Sebastien
CHANOT Georges (1821)
GERMAIN Joseph, Louis (1840 to 1845)
SILVESTRE Pierre (1824 to 1829)

At GAND's death in 1845, his son and pupil, Charles-Adolphe GAND, succeeded him.

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