Birth : 1823 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1889 in London (GB)


Like the vast majority of French makers of his time, Ch. BOULLANGIER was born in Mirecourt in what was then considered the cradle of the French violin making school. It is certain that he completed his apprenticeship in this town as the influence of the Mirecourt school remained visible in his production throughout his professional life.

According to several authors, BOULLANGIER is said to have joined the great Paris workshops, such as VUILLAUME, CHANOT and other great makers before him. We fully agree with this assumption as it was the custom at the time to send promising craftsmen to Paris to complete their apprenticeships.
We would not say, however, that BOULLANGIER completed his apprenticeship with JB VUILLAUME, and, less probable still, with GAND & BERNARDEL as influences of these makers are hardly found in his production. More likely, and notwithstanding the influences of the English school, especially through his exchanges with John LOTT, we would link his work to HENRY's circle.

In 1849, BOULLANGIER came to London to join Edward WITHERS, certainly  at the recommendation of Charles MAUCOTEL.
He stayed in this famous workshop until 1856, the date at which point he began to work independently.

In 1858, his workshop was based at 87 Charlotte Street.
From 1861, at 27 University Street.
From 1862, at 40 Dean Street. 
And by 1878, at 16 Frith Street, where he remained until his death in 1889.

Honors & awards
Appointed violin maker of the Duke of Edinburgh
(from 1874).
Diplomas at the London Exhibitions of 1862, 1872 and 1888.

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