Birth : 1866 in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) Death : 1939 in Paris


Albert CARESSA served his apprenticeship under GAND and BERNARDEL in Paris. In 1901, when Gustave BERNARDEL retired, CARESSA became the head of the firm. He took Henri FRANCAIS as an associate and they ran the firm together under the name CARESSA ET FRANCAIS until 1920, at which point Henri FRANCAIS retired.

The CARESSA & FRANCAIS firm kept the tradition established by LUPOT and was transmitted through generations of talented violin makers including Sébastien BERNARDEL, Ernest BERNARDEL, Eugène GAND, Gustave BERNARDEL, and Emile FRANCAIS.

Printed label:
Luthier du Conservatoire de Musique
n°... Paris ....

Albert CARESSA amassed an important collection of instruments throughout his professional life.

Honors & awards
Luthiers du Conservatoire National de Musique. Luthier de l'Opéra. Experts at the Civil Tribunal of the Seine.

Emile FRANÇAIS in 1938.

Like many of the great Parisian violin firms, CARESSA & FRANCAIS has sold bows under its name. These bows were made by the great makers of the time including Jules FETIQUE, Claude THOMASSIN, and André RICHAUME.

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