Birth : 1874 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1954 in Mirecourt (Vosges)


You have certainly noticed that here, at Viaduct Violins, we like particularly the work of Léon MOUGENOT. After our opinion this Mirecourt workshop has left us a regular, consistent and steady production that musician can still afford at a reasonable price. In a period which has seen a growing inflation on prices, even on second rate instruments, we would like to recommend this maker to your attention.


Léon MOUGENOT started his apprenticeship with Emile LAURENT and then joined Georges MOUGENOT, a cousin of his father's, in Brussels from 1887 to 1894 Then he worked for Paul BLANCHARD, Lyon, from 1894 to 1896, P JOMBARD, Paris, from 1896 to 1898, HILL, London, until he settled his own workshop in Mirecourt in 1899, at 4, avenue Victor Hugo.

Awards and medals
Gold medal at the 1909 Nancy international exhibition.

Three different qualities in his production which can be classified after their label :
1 st : « Léon Mougenot » with date and number i.e. #2101
2 sd : « Léon Mougenot Jacquet Gand », or « Léon Mougenot Gauché » with date. i.e. #2244
3 rd : « Fait dans l'atelier de Léon Mougenot » or labeled « Copie de A. Stradivarius ».

JACQUET was the name of his wife, who belonged to the GAND family of Mirecourt , a different family from the well-known GAND of Paris.
GAUCHÉ was his mother's name.

Generally violins labeled «Léon Mougenot» with date and number are stamped to the inside back L‡M. inside a circle. These violins are also signed internally on the table or on the table and back and some of them are dated on the inside back. We have scarcely found the round stamp to the inside back of violins bearing the label «Léon Mougenot Jacquet Gand», but the few we have seen were bearing a number on the label and were signed on the inside table and back. As scarcely we have found the round stamp inside violins labeled «Léon Mougenot Gauché», but none of them were signed as far as we know.

His violins are made mainly after Stradivari and more rarely after Guarneri models, the finest being coated with a rich red-brown or golden-brown varnish. He produced some cellos too but we haven't been able to find or hear about any viola so far. His production, both violins and cellos, has gained a great reputation both for its workmanship and tonal qualities.

Beside the production bearing his own labels he worked for some other makers of his time among them Marcel VATELOT, Joseph TOURNIER,
Léon BERNARDEL, Joseph HEL. On a more regular basis he made violins for Pierre HEL (Stradivarius Moderne) for whom he worked at least between 1919 and 1928 and for Paul JOMBAR   as early as 1907. He also made violins for the HILL brothers and his work is still well appreciated in Great Britain.

The first violin we know from this maker is a violin bearing a Stradivarius label and signed to the inside table : « Leon Mougenot Gauche. Lyon. 1896 ». The last one is a violin bearing the « Léon Mougenot Gauché » label and dated 1950.

Collaborators :
All along his professional life he has trained more than 75 apprentices or collaborators among whom :
BISH Paul,
Carlo and Leandro,
Philippe ,
ENEL Charles,
Louis et Jean-Paul,
Max ,
Lucien, (1910-1912)

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