Birth : 1866 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1943


Justin DITER completed his apprenticeship with Paul BAILLY in Mirecourt.

In 1890 he went to Lyon to collaborate with Paul BLANCHARD.
In 1896 Justin DITER, in association with Charles RESUCHE, established his own workshop in Lyon, in the Passage de l'Arque, moving soon thereafter to rue de l'Hôtel de Ville. This association lasted until 1897 when DITER moved to Marseille. There he took over the workshop of M. RICHELME at Cours Saint Louis.
In 1901 his brother, Paul, a bow maker and pupil of Ch. N. BAZIN, joined him. From that point on, the instuments' labels bore the names of the two brothers.
In 1903 DITER moved to 22 rue de Darse (present-day rue Francis Davso).

Some years after World War I, Justin DITER distanced himself from his professional activity with his brother Paul holding the direction of the firm.
In 1927 Paul LORANGE fils became Paul DITER's associate, but we have little information about the exact role that Justin DITER played in this new arrangement.
After 1927, René VANNES states that around 40 violins were created bearing the label DITER and LORANGE.
In 1933 Paul LORANGE finally took over the workshop.

Justin DITER produced both instruments on personal models and as copies. Amazingly, DITER's work reflects the influence of HC SILVESTRE more than that of BLANCHARD. This is especially noticeable in his Guarneri models.

According to certain sources, DITER was supposed to have used a varnish formula belonging to JB VUILLAUME. This hypothesis can hardly be determined from an examination of DITER's instruments.

But on some instruments one can find a quality of varnish which can be compared with the best Blanchard's examples.

Honors & awards
Justin DITER participated in the 1894 Lyon International Exhibition and in the 1900 Paris International Exhibition.

Collaborators & successors
Paul LORANGE fils, succeeded the DITER brothers in 1933.

Label & signatures
Instruments bear various labels in relation with the different professional associations.
Beside the label, they are signed or signed and dated to the inside.

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