Birth : 1925 in Mirecourt (Vosges). Death : 1979 in Mirecourt (Vosges).


Bernard OUCHARD, a bowmaker, continued the tradition established by his grandfather Emile François OUCHARD and transmitted through his Father Emile Auguste OUCHARD.
Bernard OUCHARD began his apprenticeship at the age of 13 with his father.
In 1941 he followed his father to Paris where he worked with him until joining the French army at the end of World War II.
In 1949 he joined the VIDOUDEZ firm in Geneva (Switzerland).
In 1971 he left VIDOUDEZ to return to Mirecourt where he developed the bowmaking course at the violin making school.

(see #2185 in the "Archives Gallery" section).
Few bows bear his own stamp, however.
The large majority of his production bears the stamp of the VIDOUDEZ firm.

During his teaching years at the Mirecourt Violin Making School, Bernard OUCHARD instructed a great number of pupils.
Among them:
AKOUNE Wilfred (1972-1975)
CLAUDEL Didier (1974-1977)
DEVILLERS Martin (1973-1976)
DUHAULT Gilles (1973-1976)
GOBIN Marielle (1978-1981)
GRANDCHAMP Éric (1977-1980)
GRUMBERGER Jean (1975-1978)
JAMONNEAU Michel (1976-1979)
LAUXERROIS Pascal  (1975-1978)
MASSON Sylvie (1973-1976)
MATTER Jean-Yves (1971-1974)
MULLER Stéphane (1972-1975)
NARROS Jean-Alexandre
NEHR Jean-Pascal (1974-1977)
POULLOT Jacques (1976-1979)
ROLLAND Benoit (1971-1974)
SCHAEFFER Christophe (1974-1977)
SUARD Arnaud (1977-1980)
THEPHO Georges (1977-1980)
THOMACHOT Stephane (1975-1978)

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