Birth : 1835 in (Haute Savoie) Death : 1901 in Mirecourt (Vosges)


Maurice MERMILLOT served his apprenticeship with Charles GAILLARD before briefly joining J.B VUILLAUME's workshop sometime around 1855.
It was during MERMILLOT's period of Military Service spent in Piémont that he visited GUADAGNINI's workshop in Turin, where he is supposed to have worked for a while.
He then returned to Paris and joined GAND & BERNARDEL

In 1876 Maurice MERMILLOT established his own workshop in Paris at 18 rue Moret.
In 1885 he joined
as foreman the COUESNON firm, successor of GAUTROT Aîné et Cie.

In 1898 Maurice MERMILLOT retired in Mirecourt.



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