It was at the recommendation of Nicolas François VUILLAUME that Dominique PECCATTE left Mirecourt in 1826 to join Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME's worksop in Paris.
Domnique PECCATTE was first trained as a violin maker, but as J.B. VUILLAUME's collaborator, he quickly turned to bow making, probably under the direction of J.P.M. PERSOIT.

Around 1836 Dominique PECCATTE was working for François LUPOT who he succeeded upon LUPOT's death in 1838, maintaining the workshop at 18, rue d'Angevillers.
In 1841, after the death of his father, Dominique PECCATTE was joined by his brother François for a two-year collaboration period. HENRY, according to Millant-Raffin's book, surely spent some time in Dominque PECCATTE's workshop around that same period.

Millant-Raffin's also informs us that Dominique PECCATTE returned to Mirecourt in 1847 where he established his workshop on rue des Vosges before later moving to rue des Cloîtres in 1852. Other authors date his return to Mirecourt around 1843 or 1844.
During the first years following his return, while staying in the family house on rue des Vosges, François and Dominique PECCATTE maintained their collaboration.

PECCATTE's first production was influenced by J.P.M. PERSOIT.
His last year of production in generally considered to have been 1870

or unstamped
Among others one can find bows by D. PECCATTE stamped J.B. VUILLAUME, F. LUPOT.

Honors & awards
1839 Mention Honorable. Exposition des produits de l'Industrie Française. Paris.
1844 Médaille de Bronze. Exposition de Paris.

SIMON Pierre

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