Birth : 1794 in Rouvres-La-Chétive (Vosges) Death : 1866 in Neufchâteau (Vosges)


According to Albert JACQUOT, François CAUSSIN learned his craft under GAILLARD in Mirecourt but Roland TERRIER states that he made his apprentisceship under the authority of Didier NICOLAS, known as l'aîné, in Paris.
In 1815 CAUSSIN established his own workshop in Rouvres -la-Chétive before moving  to Neufchâteau circa 1825.

CAUSSIN specialised in copying of the great Italian makers, his violin production was quite abundant and always of good quality.
The way in which he antiqued the varnish of his instruments is particularly characteristic of his work.
CAUSSIN also made some cellos which are particularly appreciated by musicians.

Labels & Stamps
CAUSSIN's instruments generally bear a replica label
with the name of the maker by whom he was inspired.
They can also be stamped to the inside:
Caussin Luthier
Neufchâteau (Vosges)

Collaborators & successors
His two sons, François Hippolite CAUSSIN and Nicolas CAUSSIN were trained by their father and collaborated with him during different periods.
François Hippolythe eventually succeeded his father.

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