Birth : 1840 in Landeville (Vosges) Death : 1918 in Lyon (Rhône)


Elophe POIRSON was a telegraph operator based in Lyon who developed a deep interest in violin making. 

Instruments bearing POIRSON's labels, quite varied in style, are  always of very fine craftsmanship. They are coated with a dark-red varnish on a golden-yellow base.
Jean-Frédéric SCHMIDT, an expert violinmaker based in Lyon, in his book about Lyon's violinmakers (see bibliography), states that Elophe POIRSON did not himself build any violins, but rather limited his role to  the varnishing of the instruments. Furthermore, he specified that quite a few of POIRSON's violins were built in Turin after a Pressenda model.
According to René Vannes, POIRSON's production, which spans from 1876 to 1918, is estimated at around 300 instruments.
POIRSON's extensive experiments with varnish sometimes led him to varnish his instruments more than once. In this case, the instruments bear a "bis" number.

Label & stamps
POIRSON used two different manuscript labels: one in black letters and, later, another that bore a photographic reproduction of his portrait beside the text.
The small stamp "ELOPHE POIRSON" can also be found over the button on the lowest ribs.

Honors & awards
- 1889. Bronze medal at the International Paris Exhibition.

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