Birth : 1791 in Mirecourt (Vosges/France) Death : 1849 in Mirecourt (Vosges/France)


Son of Louis Simon PAJEOT (or PAGEOT), Etienne PAJEOT began his apprenticeship early on with his father.
Upon his father's death in 1804, Etienne PAJEOT,  then thirteen years old, continued his training with another Mirecourt master whose name remained unknown until now.
While the majority of talented bow makers of his time left Mirecourt to go to Paris, Etienne PAJEOT remained in Mirecourt his entire life.
The diversity of his production as well as the large amount of bows produced show that Etienne PAJEOT developed an important workshop whose reputation spread throughout Vosges, to Paris, and to foreign countries.
While extensive and diverse, Etienne PAJEOT's production always presents a few main characteristics:
- high quality wood with well-figured Pernambuco of an orange-red to a dark red color
- precision of workmanship
- sophistication of materials used: pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell, etc.
A tireless researcher, Etienne PAJEOT can be credited for many improvements and innovations in the bow making field:
- metal thumbplate with underslide
- metal plate at the front of the button (similar to TOURTE)
- metal plate on the back ring of the button (more scarce)
- self rehairing bows
- reinforcement of the mortice with a copper plate (on some bows)
FONCLAUSE Claude, Joseph
MAIRE Nicolas, Remy
MALINE Nicolas
One stamp only: "PAJEOT" or unstamped.
Aside from his own production, Etienne PAJEOT produced bows for Charles François GAND (known as GAND Père).
One can find also bows by Etienne PAJEOT bearing the Nicolas VUILLAUME brand: "Stentor".
Etienne PAJEOT is, in our opinion, one of the most important bow makers of his generation thanks to the research he pioneered, the innovations he conceived, and the high quality standards to which he adhered in his production. Contemporary musicians often elect to use PAJEOT's bows, considering them equal in quality to those of the greatest names of his time.
The diversity of PAJEOT's production as well as its consistency has made his bows a matter of love and speculation for collectors.

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