Birth : 1887 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1968 in Vendôme (Loir et Cher)


Son of Joseph CHIPOT also known as Charles CHIPOT-VUILLAUME, Paul, JB CHIPOT completed his apprenticeship in Mirecourt.

According to René VANNES he worked for various Mirecourt workshops for a period, including the workshop of A. DEBLAYE.
Roland TERRIER, in his lecture about the COLLIN-MEZIN family, stated that in 1921 Paul JB CHIPOT was present in the workshop of Ch. JB COLLIN-MEZIN.

Paul, JB CHIPOT's works strongly reflect the Mirecourt school. His instruments, inspired by the classical models, are covered in a rich oil varnish of an orange to orange-brown color. The workmanship and choice of wood for his instruments are generally of very good quality.

From 1925 his father's name is used as a brand by LABERTE's workshop.

In 1923 Paul, JB CHIPOT moved to Vendôme where he established his own workshop.

Honors & awards
1928 Grand Prix at the Paris Exposition Artisanale (Paris'sTraditional Craftsman exhibition)

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