Birth : 1876 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1947 in Houécourt (Vosges)


François DELPRATO began working in Mirecourt before moving to Paris as Eugène MARCHAND's collaborator.

According to René VANNES, François DELPRATO established his own workshop in Paris at 14 rue de la Tour d'Auvergne in 1916. However, one can find violins bearing a Paris label as early as 1904 (n°50).
Around 1917 DELPRATO moved to Chicago where he worked at LYON & HEALY's.
In 1918 he came back to France and proceeded to build up his reputation in Mirecourt where his workshop was located at 13 rue Neuf Moulin.
According to DELPRATO's labels, he worked there in 1922 and 1923.
He then moved again to New York where he worked for Rembert WURLITZER.
In 1926 he again returned to France and settled in Toulouse. His labels indicate that he remained there in 1927.
Finally, he worked in Mirecourt once more before establishing his last workshop in Houécourt, a small town located near Mirecourt.

As with many of the violin makers of this period native to Mirecourt, the work of François DELPRATO varies considerably.
His skilful copies of the great Italian masters reflect a careful workmanship both in terms of construction and varnish.
Aside from these instruments, a considerable part of DELPRATO's production can be counted among the average to good quality Mirecourt productions.
William HENLEY, in his well-known Dictionary, notes that from 1925 onward Henry WAGNER started a collaboration with François DELPRATO, and began signing his violins "Wagner et Delprato" thereafter.

Labels & Stamps
Generally DELPRATO's instruments bear a label and the stamp  "F. Delprato".
It is relatively frequent, however, that his instruments bear the label only or, in some cases, the stamp only.

Collaborators & successors
Among DELPRATO's sons, two were trained in their father's workshop: Raymond and Jean DELPRATO.
René VANNES notes that Jean DELPRATO joined COLLIN-MEZIN's workshop before ultimately succeeding his father in Houécourt.

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