Birth : 1758 in Mirecourt (Vosges). Death : 1830 in Mirecourt (Vosges).


Known as "Pillement Père"



Little information is available about this maker, and we do not know with whom he served his apprenticeship.
Albert JACQUOT  in his book "La Lutherie Lorraine et Française", mentioned that PILLEMENT married in Mirecourt in 1782 and was listed in MIrecourt's books about the violin maker community until 1789 at which point this corporation disbanded.

The PILLEMENT Père production is typical of the average Mirecourt production of his time. William HENLEY classified PILLEMENT's production in three period :
- a first period bearing the influence of GAVINIES
- a second period with an Amatese influence.
- a third period influenced by what HENLEY called the "French Stradivarian model"
We cannot judge of the relevance of such classifications. More likely the difference of quality between the instruments bearing his stamp or label is evidence that PILLEMENT was running a small workshop with various production lines, as it was quite common in Mirecourt at that time.

Label & stamps
François PILLEMENT's instruments can bear a label or a stamp on the inside back.
The label shown in the book by A. JACQUOT reads :
a MIRECOURT, fecit
anno 1785

René VANNES in his Dictionary mentioned a cello bearing the following text :
Pillement Père à Crémone.

The viola presented in our archive Gallery bears a stamp on the inside back which reads :

Of course nothing in the work of PILLEMENT can confirm that he worked in Paris.
The use of such stamps was common in Mirecourt at the time. others, such as CHAPPUY or Didier NICOLAS Ainé, TIRIOT (or THIRIOT) similarly engaged in this practise.
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