Birth : 1947 in Paris (Ile de France)


In 1968 Jean-François RAFFIN began his apprenticeship as a violin maker under Jean Eulry, Paul HILAIRE's successor at the head of APPARUT-HILAIRE workshop in Mirecourt.
In 1971 Jean-François RAFFIN received the brand new Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP), and joined Etienne VATELOT's workshop in Paris for a training period.
In 1972 Jean-François RAFFIN  joined Bernard MILLANT as collaborator. In this famous workshop he was introduced to bow making, a craft which soon became his main activity and passion
Jean-François RAFFIN collaborated with Bernard MILLANT for a period of seventeen years, improving his hand as well has his eye through his companionship with this great master and expert.
In 1989 RAFFIN established his own bow workshop specializing in high-end restoration and espertise at 68 rue de Rome in Paris where he continued his production of modern bows.
After February 2007 Jean-François RAFFIN devoted himself to expertise only, a skill that he cultivated at the highest level.

His work is inspired by the great French makers of the 19th century, with an average production of 4 to 5 bows per year.

68 rue de Rome. Paris.

Honors & awards
1977 Prix de la Couronne Française (French Crown Prize)
1977 Title of "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" (One of the best craftmen of France)
1994 Expert  pour les archets près de Vichy Enchères ( Expert for Vichy Enchères Auction House)
1996 Expert près La Cour d'Appel de Paris (Expert to the Paris Court of Appeal)
2000 co-editor and author with Bernard MILLANT of "L'Archet"

AUMONT Alexandre (1999- )
BIGOT Sylvain (1993-2002)
DARIEL Gaétan (1998-1999)
DUBROCA Arthur (1996-2003)
FUKUDA Koachi ( during 6 months in 1990)
KOVACS Tibor (2003- )
LAVOIE André (1991-1993)
RAFFIN Sandrine ( from 1991)
SAUMAGNE Agnès (1992-1993)
SHIMANE Yoshiko (2004- )
TAUZIÈDE Jean-Luc (1993-1997)
WÖRTZ Markus (1991-1993)

"JF Raffin" for his indiviual production
"RAFFIN" or "JFR" for his collaborative works.

- L'Archet, Bernard Millant & J.F Raffin.
- Viaduct Violins archives                         

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