Birth : 1863 in Rouvres-La-Chétive (Vosges) Death : 1933 in Rouvres-La-Chétive (Vosges)


Grandson of François CAUSSIN, Louis COLLENOT served his apprenticeship from 1876 to 1878 under his uncle François, Hippolyte CAUSSIN in Neufchâteau (Vosges).
In 1878 COLLENOT joined the workshop of Honoré and Justin DERAZEY in Mirecourt.
In 1882 he joined Nicolas CAUSSIN, another of his uncles, in Neufchâteau.
In 1897 Louis COLLENOT established himself in Reims where he became the official violin maker of the music conservatory.
Because of World War I, COLLENOT moved to Paris in 1915 and joined CARESSA et FRANCAIS. He remained with them until 1917, the year in which he established his own workshop on rue Boursault.
Louis COLLENOT retired in his hometown, Rouvres-La-Chétive, where he continued a small production. A violin labeled from that town and dated 1924 was sold at an auction in Vichy in December 2006.

Louis Collenot perpetuated the family tradition originated by François CAUSSIN by working in a copy spirit. His models are freely inspired by Jacobus STAINER or Nicolo AMATI, using mainly a small pattern and full arching.

Raymond COLLENOT (his son).

"Louis Collenot" to the inside back.
"Louis Collenot" to the lowest outside rib.

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