There is very little information available about this maker.


Albert JACQUOT, in his reference book 'La Lutherie Lorraine & Française" mentioned the first AUBRY, Pierre, working in Mirecourt in the 18th century.
Pierre AUBRY (who was supposedly ALDRIC's relative), had a nephew, Jacques, who took over ALDRIC's workshop in 1840.
The only mention of a Stephane AUBRY is found in the "Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers", published in 1951 by René Vannes.


René Vannes states that a St. AUBRY was working in Nîmes during the second half of the 19th century, making mainly violins  with one-piece backs and using an orange-red varnish, with an alcohol base.
We have seen a certificate with photos of a violin made by Stephane AUBRY in Nîmes, signed and dated 1876, whose characteristics correspond to the description made by R. Vannes.

Label & Stamp
René Vannes also provides two description of Stephane AUBRY's label :
- a printed label that reads : Aubry, Luthier / Nîmes
- a handwritten label that reads : St. Aubry / à Nîmes, 1869
Some instruments can also be found bearing the maker's signature on the inside neck block.

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- La Lutherie Lorraine et Française, Albert JACQUOT.

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