Birth : 1863 in Bordeaux (Gironde) Death : 1772 in Paris (île-de-France)


Little information is available about this maker, and we do not know with whom he served his apprenticeship.
Opinions about the dates of his arrival in Paris differ :
William HENLEY suggests 1730, while René VANNES suggests 1734.
According to Antoine VIDAL, François Gavinies  came to Paris in 1741, on the occasion of a concert at the "Concert Spirituel" given by his son Pierre when he was thirteen years old.

1728 : rue des Minimes, in Bordeaux (according to René VANNES)
1751 : rue Saint Thomas du Louvre, in Paris (according to Albert JACQUOT)

GAVINIE's production included violins, cellos, double basses, viols and quintons.
His cellos are particularly appreciated by musicians.
His instruments are generally coated with a dry yellow or yellow-brown varnish.

Labels & Stamps
GAVINIES's instruments generally bear a handwritten label
They can also be stamped to the outside back at the heel of the neck.
His name can sometimes, though infrequently, be found spelled GAVIGNIES."

Honors & awards
1762 / 1763 Juror of the violin makers' guild.

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