Birth : 1890 in Roma (Italy) Death : 1980 in Roma (Italy)


Pupil of Rodolfo FREDI, Giuseppe GIACCHETTI studied music and violin (like FREDI) at the Rome Conservatory.
Established first in Roma, Via Marsala n° 34, G. GIACCHETTI moved to France in 1920 and settled his workshop in Montreuil (Seine)

G. GIACCHETTI came back to Roma after his time in Paris, but it's hard to confirm this point as GIACCHETTI used the same "ROMA" label all along his professional life and that one can find, in his instruments, both the Roma label and the Paris stamp.

- 34 Via Marsala in Roma.
- Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) while in France.

Label & Stamp
G. GIACCHETTI used his first Italian label throughout his career, adding by ink the name of the place where he was working after his move to France.
One can find as well a stamp, to the inside back, over the label stating :
Or unstamped depending on the period.

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