Birth : 1877 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1950


A pupil of H. DURAND, CONÉ joined Paul BLANCHARD in Lyon in 1896. He left Blanchard in 1912 to work in various workshops outside of France. In 1928 he returned to Lyon to succeed Emile BOULANGEOT.

Collaborators and Successors
CONÉ’s son, Robert CONÉ, worked with his father.
Amazingly this collaboration became official quite early,  as the oldest mention of this common work found on a label is 1930, Robert Coné being ten years old at that date.
Robert CONÉ succeeded his father upon his death, in 1950.

Georges CONÉ's production is made after Stradivarius, but one can identify the influence of the Lyon school in his craftsmanship and varnish. His instruments are coated with a rich red-brown to orange-red varnish.

Instruments by G Coné are Labelled, dated and numbered on the label.
As early as 1929 the mention "Georges Coné et Fils" was stated on the label.
Beside his master production Georges Coné has produced or commercialised workshop instruments bearing the following labels :
- "Copie de Nicolas Lupot"
- "Lugdunum", in the continuity of Blanchard's and Boulangeot's tradition for student instruments.
- "Fini sous ma direction" (finished under my direction)
- "Fait dans L'atelier de Georges Coné"

Bows bearing Cone's stamp have been made by different makers. Among them one can find :
- OUCHARD Emile A.

N° 77, 79 rue de la République. Lyon.

Honors & awards
1889. Silver medal. Paris (France), Exposition Universelle.
1894. Grand prix. Lyon (France), Exposition Internationale et Coloniale.
1900. Gold medal. Paris (France), Exposition Universelle et Internationale.
1914. Grand Prix. Lyon (France), Exposition Internationale.
- Luthiers du Conservatoire de Musique (Luthiers of the Music Conservatory)
- Luthiers de la Société des Grands Concerts.

- Catalog of Georges CONÉ's firm 1933-1934
- Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers. René VANNES.
- La Lutherie Lyonnaise. Jean-Frédéric Schmitt
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