Birth : 1923 in Cesena (Italy)


Aldo CAPELLI began his apprenticeship as a carpenter at the age of twelve, and by 1943
he had established himself in Cervia as a cabinet maker.  At this time he began to make his first violins as an amateur.

In 1948, following the advice of maestro Nicola UTILI from Castel Bolognese, he began his career as violin maker in earnest.


Aldo CAPELLI's production is composed of violins, violas, cellos, double basses and quartets, always utilizing highest quality wood.
Aldo CAPELLI works to a model inspired by Stradivari and Guarneri although in a somewhat personalised manner.

An exclusive characteristic of this maker is the purfling of the back forming a point in the button of the neck, in the same way as in the corners.

Aldo CAPELLI appears in the Dictionary of Twentieth Century Italian Violin Makers by Martin Brinser. His instruments are sought after by collectors and musicians throughout the world and they are to be found in major orchestras in Japan, America, Canada, and in Europe.

Honors and Awards

Aldo CAPELLI received numerous honours in major violin making competitions; 4 gold medals and 5 silver medals at Pegli (Genova), Rome, Ancona, ascoli Piceno, Bagnacavallo.
In 1979 he won a gold medal at the second Triennal of Cremona. 


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