William Henley, in his Dictionary wrote that Jean GOSSELIN born in Bordeaux and came in his early years to Paris where he was trained in the workshop of KOLIKER.
Depending on the authors he was active from 1814 to 1831 (JACQUOT), 1814 to1851 (VANNES) and 1813 to 1852 (HENLEY).
The violin showed at #3536 in the Archives Gallery, bearing his original label, is dated 1847.

After his labels, GOSSELIN considered himself  as an "amateur", but we don't know for sure if he built personally any violin.
After our opinion, it's likely that he ordered violins to different makers, among them some made in white as mentioned on the label.
This is Albert JACQUOT's  opinion as well, whom mentioned in his dictionary that the violins he saw, bearing GOSSELIN labels, were different from each other, and that he was told by Gustave BERNARDEL that a violin by Auguste, Sebastien, Philippe BERNARDEL was labelled "GOSSELIN".

Three different printed labels are known by this maker
fait par Gosselin amateur
Paris Année 18..
fait par Gosselin luthier
Paris Année 18..

Sometimes one can find, added :
"violon fait en blanc
et vernis par Gosselin"
(violin made in white
and varnish by Gosselin)

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