Birth : 1804 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1880 in Saint-Maur-des-Faussés.


Son of Henry JACQUOT and Catherine SIRET, Charles JACQUOT served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt under Nicolas AINÉ before joining the workshop of François BRETON.
In 1823 Charles JACQUOT moved to Nancy where he stayed at rue de la Poissonnerie n°28 ( currently rue Gambetta)
In 1827 he married Catherine VUILLAUME, daughter of Claude-François VUILLAUME, and moved to n°19 in the same street, where he settled his workshop.

Charles JACQUOT decided in 1853 to open a shop in Paris, his son and pupil, Pierre-Charles, succeeded him in Nancy.
In Paris Charles JACQUOT established his workshop firstly rue des Vieux-Augustins, n°34 before moving to rue de l'Echiquier n°48 in 1857.
About this period his grandson, Albert JACQUOT, wrote in his famous Dictionary : "his workshop became an important venue for the greatest artists as Maurin, Sivori, Jacquart as well as for many connoisseurs."
Charles JACQUOT moved finally his workshop  to n°21 rue de l'Echiquier, spending the greatest part of the last years of his life in his country house at Saint-Maur des Fossés.

Charles JACQUOT worked mainly after Stradivari and Guarneri models.
Some models, after Duiffopruggar and Maggini, can be found largely influenced by JB VUILLLAUME.
His production is clearly divided in two main periods corresponding to his Nancy and Paris settlements.

Once in Paris Charles JACQUOT changed his models and style, under the influence of the Parisian makers and more precisely the one of JB VUILLAUME.

This second period is particularly appreciated by musicians and collectors.
Contrarily to William HENLEY, we find aesthetic and sound qualities in the instruments produced during his Nancy's period.
Violin #6838 being a good example of this Nancy's production.

1823. Rue de la Poissonnerie, n° 28 ( currently rue Gambetta). Nancy.
1827. Rue de la Poissonnerie, n° 19. Nancy.
1853. Rue des Vieux-Augustins, n° 34. Paris.
1857. Rue de L' Echiquier, n° 48. Paris
Later : Rue de L' Echiquier, n° 21. Paris

Honors & awards
1849, first price . Paris Industrial Exhibition
1851, second price. London Industrial Exhibition
1855 Silver medal Paris International Exhibition

Collaborators & successors
Pierre-Charles JACQUOT (Son)

- La Lutherie Lorraine et Française. Albert JACQUOT
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