Birth : 1874 in cardiff (Wales) Death : 1930



Thomas James HOLDER was born in Cardiff (Wales) in 1874.
He was the son and pupil of his father Thomas Jacques HOLDER, whose copies in the style of the Voller brothers were held in high regard in his lifetime.
Thomas James HOLDER moved to Paris in 1913 and opened his workshop at 16 Place du Havre in the 9th arrondissement.

After rené Vannes, in the second volume of his well known Dictionary, T.J. Holder retired in 1926.

While it had been previously assumed that T.J. HOLDER death's date is 1929 (HENLEY), some examples bearing a label with a later date have been seen in auctions or for sale in different shops (i.e. 1931 Vichy auction Dec 2008).

T J Holder is best known for his copies of old Italian instruments, primarily those of Gagliano and Guadagnini.
As a luthier, he was also known to be a gifted restorer.

16, Place du Havre. Paris. France.

Label & stamp
Label :
T.J. Holder

When T J Holder made a copy, the maker's name that he copied appears on the label in ink along with Holder's own label.
Generally Internal stamps can be found in different locations inside the instrument.
In some violins one can find the label only, without any stamp.

Bows bearing Holder's stamp were mainly made by Emile CLASQUIN.


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