Birth : 1907 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1987 in Mirecourt (Vosges)


Jean Charles EULRY was born in 1907, the son of Eugenie Emilie Chaudy , a linen maid, and Charles Marie Eulry, a Violin maker. Both his parents were from Mirecourt

EULRY's father died when he was 7 , and his mother when he was 13. At that point his uncle Jean Romain Chaudy, a Mirecourt Violin maker, became his legal guardian.

During that same year (1920) EULRY, aged of thirteen, began a three year apprenticeship in the LABERTE workshop.
At the end of this apprenticeship, he stayed on working for six months before joining the well known shop of Amedee DIEUDONNE on his uncle's recommendation.

In 1956, DIEUDONNE closed his workshop and EULRY joined Paul HILAIRE as the foreman of his shop. There, besides making instruments, EULRY was in charge of the training of the apprentices and the other workmen.

In 1967 with the death of Paul HILAIRE, Madame Apparut asked Jean EULRY to become director of the workshop, the position that he held until his retirement in 1977.

Jean EULRY produced violins, violas and cellos of good quality throughout his career, with few of them carrying his own name stamp.

Some "pochettes", long pattern violin model, made as well by this maker can be found.

Label and Stamp
 The works of Jean EULRY can bear labels other than DIEUDONNE and HILAIRE.
He seldom labeled instruments that he made with his own hand.
However in the last period at HILAIRE, one might find on the label ,"Fait par Jean Eulry" Signed by hand.

Roger LANNE, who met EULRY many times at the annual St. Cecile meetings in Mirecourt, and is very knowledgeable of his work, states that some instruments bear his signature in pencil on the inside of the instruments.

Collaborators & successors
BOYER Serge 1971 - 1974
PAGES Jean-Jacques
TACONNE Patrice 1969 - 1972

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