Birth : 1835 in Gehee (Indre)



Jules Doron was born in Gehee (Indre) on January 2, 1835.
Very little has been written about Jules Doron. The only mention of Doron in violin publications is in the second volume of Rene Vannes's Dictionnaire Universal des Luthiers and in this publication his name is incorrectly written as- Juley instead of Jules. This is because of the highly stylized font used by his stamp.


Jules Doron's work presents an obvious French style with Italian inspiration and some  personal touches such as the way he works the edges. His varnish may vary from a red-brown to a ochre yellow-brown. His instruments are always of a good quality of sound.


Jules Doron appears to have spent his entire professional career working in Tours (Indre-et Loire).
From 1896 - 1902, he is listed in professional directories as "Jules S Doron, Place Saint-Etienne 2, Exceptional production of Violins for artists. Restoration of stringed instruments. »
Jules Doron left Tours in 1904 for Chatellerault with the date and place of his death remaining unknown.

Label and Stamp

Instruments are stamped with two different stamp.
One for the name, close to H. Derazey's stamp by the style of the fonts.
Another one for the date, with different fonts, which is placed under the name.
Jules. S. Doron

Researches and redaction of this biography have been conducted and written by Lothaire MABRU (Maître de conférences, Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne)

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