Birth : 1908 in Lentiglione, Brecello. (Italie) Death : 1994 in Lentiglione, Brecello. (Italie)


Raffaele VACCARI was born the 23 October 1908 in Lentiglione, Brescello in Parma, to   a musical family. His father played the trombone, while his brothers trumpet, accordion and drums. Due to his weaker constitution Rafaele was oriented towards the practise of the violin.
Raffaelle Vaccari began his career a self taught violin maker before starting an apprenticeship with Amedeo SIMONAZZI in Novellara.
In 1930 he joined the recently opened violin making school in Parma under the direction of Gaetano SGARABOTTO, where In 1934 he obtained his Master Diploma.
While his instruments sold wide, raffaele VACCARARI never felt the urge to move from his beloved hometown.
His work being his passion, VACCARI lost his will to live when he bacame blind. Wearing his best clothes, leaving an unfinished violin he called « the incomplete », Raffaele VACCARI committed suicide on October 23. 1994

After his dead his tools, mostly his origininal design and hand made,, were donated to the Museo Don Camillo e Peppone in Brescello.

Raffaele VACCARI built around 300 instruments, violins and violas, but no cellos or basses.
His instruments are remarkable for their accuracy in workmanship, purity of sound, and perfection attached to every details.
During his life his reputation extended far beyond Italy to North America, the Nederlands, Switzerland, New Zealand,  etc.

Honors & awards
1949 Cermona. Gold Medal
1958. Pegli. Gold Medal
1959. Ascoli. Gold Medal
1960. Pegli. Gold Medal
1956. Roma. Gold Medal.
1957. Ancone. Gold Medal. 
1965. Cemona. Gold medal.
1957. Florence. Gold Medal
1967. Cremona. Out of Competition.


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