Birth : 1875 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1951 in Vesinet-le-Pec (Seine et Oise)


Paul KAUL began his apprenticeship in Jérôme THIBOUVILLE LAMY's workshop at the age of thirteen, where his father was employed to varnish instruments.
In 1899, at the age of twenty four, and after having served his requisite time in the French army, KAUL joined THIBOUVILLE LAMY's workshops in Paris.
In 1900, he left THIBOUVILLE to join SILVESTRE & MAUCOTEL (Paris) where he worked from 1900 to 1905, before he entered the VUILLEMIN-DIDION workshop in Nantes.

KAUL established his own workshop in Nantes, 1907, on rue Racine. One can find the first violins bearing his name dated this same year.
In 1908 he moved his workshop to 21 rue du Pont Communeau.
It is in Nantes  in 1917 that he met the violinist Lucien CAPET, who  had a very large an important influence to KAUL's professional life.
In 1926, KAUL moved his workshop to Paris, where he was located at 130 Boulevard Brune before finally moving to Rue de Rome.

Paul KAUL dedicated his life to violin making, continually improving his models and researching troughout his professional life.
His production its generally divided in four main periods :
- 1907 - 1919 : inspired by the great Italian Masters Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari this can be called KAUL's preparatory period.
- 1919 - 1928 : This second period is exceptional so as far as the quality of KAUL's production is concerned. It is during this period that he created many personal models and, most notably, the « modèle CAPET ».
- 1928 - 1930 : during this period KAUL returned to more Classical patterns, especially those of Stradivari.
- 1931 - 1951 : this fourth period marked the introduction of the « Enesco » model, characterised by a wider model with a lower arching and lower rib height.

Honors and Awards
KAUL won first prize for sonority at the 1930, international Brussels competition.

His violins have been played by some of the greatest violinists of his time, including Lucien CAPET, Georges ENESCO and Yehudi MENUHIN.

Labels & Stamps
- First period : stamped "PAUL KAUL" to the inside back and top. + label bearing date and number.

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