Birth : 1958 in Soresina (province of Cremona)


Son and pupil of Francesco BISSOLOTTI, a violin maker and former pupil of Pietro SGARABOTTO, Ferdinando GARIMBERTI and Giuseppe ORNATI, Vincenzo BISSOLOTTI expressed an interest for musical instruments and violin making early on, frequenting his father's workshop when he was as young as twelve years old.
In 1972, he enrolled in the
International School of Violin Making in Cremona where he was taught by his father.

After his graduation from the school in 1976, Vincenzo BISSOLOTTI began teaching there in 1980, a position which he still holds today.

Vincenzo BISSOLOTTI’s production, though not abundant due to the time he dedicates to teaching, is always of great quality and includes the entire range of string and plucked instruments and demonstrates his preference for instruments of the violin family, baroque lutes, and classical guitars.

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