Birth : 1922 in Houilles Death : 1992


Jacques AUDINOT was the son of violin maker Pierre AUDINOT, and the descendant of a long line of violin makers that enjoyed a widespread reputation since the 18th century.
Once a foreman of the Millant workshop in Paris, Jacques AUDINOT served his apprenticeship as violin maker under his father's direction in 1936 and subsequently joined the firm
Roger & Max MILLANT in Paris.
Jacques AUDINOT first took up bow making c. 1955-1960 under the direction of J.J. MILLANT.

After Roger and Max MILLANT's firm closed in 1969, Jacques AUDINOT established his own workshop in 1970 in Paris, located at 15 Rue de Leningrad.

His style, greatly influenced by J.J. MILLANT, is inspired by the PECCATTE school and can be devided in two main periods :
- First period while he was with R.&M. MILLANT : the bows are silver and ebony mounted.
- Second period after he established himself : the greater part of his production is gold and ebony mounted.

 Pascal AUDINOT, son of Jacques, told us that after what he has seen, his father has never made a bow with an octagonal stick.

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