Birth : 1903 in Nice (Alpes Maritimes) Death : 2006 in Nice (Alpes Maritimes)


Pierre GAGGINI was the nephew and pupil of Albert Louis BLANCHI, with whom he served his apprenticeship.
In 1924, GAGGINI came to Paris for three years to fulfill his military service. During this period he collaborated with Louis BILLOTET for whom he made some violins.
In 1927, he came back to Nice to resume working with his uncle with whom he stayed seven more years.
In 1934, GAGGINI established his own workshop in Nice.

GAGGINI’s production can be divided in two periods:
- From 1934 to 1942, his model is close to BLANCHI's.
- In 1942, he started to work after his own pattern, a larger and more square model, which he then kept throughout his professional life.
In 1982, Pierre GAGGINI's production was estimated to consist of 380 violins, 50 violas, 26 cellos and 4 pochettes (dancing master kits).

Honors & Awards
GAGGINI won several medals and diplomas in international competitions such as that which took place in The Hague in 1949 where he was honored for a quartet, and in Liege in 1957 where he received a gold medal and first prize for sonority and workmanship.

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