Birth : 1842 in Goincourt (Meurthe et Moselle) Death : 1919 in Paris ?


Prosper COLAS’ work is similar to that of François BAZIN, Claude HUSSON, and Pierre CUNIOT.
COLAS came to Paris in 1871 where he likely met
Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME and worked for him. The first bows bearing his brand can be dated to this period.

COLAS produced a huge quantity of bows and worked for several violin makers. His best production was c. 1900. A second, lower quality production is stamped “P.C.”. Aside from his bows, one can find instruments bearing Prosper COLAS’ label as he sold mail order instruments made by the primary Mirecourt workshops of his time: Jérôme THIBOUVILLE LAMY and Marc LABERTE.

Collaborators and Successors
At his death, COLAS’ firm was taken over by FERRET-MARCOTTE.

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