Birth : 1837 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1910 in Paris


Served his apprenticeship with Nicolas MAIRE.
Came to Paris c 1858 to join Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME's workshop.

JJ MARTIN came back to Mirecourt in 1863 to settle his own workshop.
Jérôme THIBOUVILLE LAMY asked for his collaboration to built up their bow

He worked also during a time as director, for the workshop settled in Mirecourt by Emile MENNESSON, at the "Sainte Cécile insignia. From that date one can find bows stamped J. Guarini.
When MENNESSON decided to transfer his activity in Reims, He took over the workshop and continued the production during a while.

Stamps :
Jean Joseph MARTIN used two different stamps during his career. 
Among others J.J. MARTIN has made bows for :
HEL Joseph
VUILLAUME Jean Baptiste
And we have been able to see a bow stamped DODD by this maker.

LANGONET François.
MARTIN Louis Auguste.

VIGNERON Joseph Arthur (Known as "Vigneron Père")

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