Birth : 1822 in Dijon (Côte d'Or ) Death : 1892 in Mirecourt (Vosges)


The son of François Jacques BARBÉ, a violin maker himself, Télesphore Amable BARBÉ  started began his apprenticeship with J.J. Honoré DERAZEY in Mirecourt before joining Jules GRANDJON's workshop.
In 1845 he left Mirecourt for J.B. VUILLAUME's workshop in Paris where he became his first assistant.
After a few years T.A. BARBÉ left VUILLAUME's workshop, but maintained his professional collaboration with the great Master while working at home, producing instruments in white for VUILLAUME.

In 1867 T.A. BARBÉ got a distinction as collaborator at the Paris Exposition Universelle.
It's interesting to note that, at that time, his professional address is established as "at JB VUILLAUME Paris"

A skillful maker, T.A. BARBÉ seemed unable to establish a business of his own. 
In reference to this Roger MILLANT wrote "he was an excellent violin maker  and worked very quickly; but when he wasn't working his irresponsible behavior meant that he could never open a business on his own"

T.A. BARBÉ  also collaborated with  GAND Père, C.A. MIREMONT, REMY Frères, and Charles and Pierre-Charles JACQUOT.

Télesphore A. BARBÉ  built up a reputation with his copies of the Messiah Stradivari.

Ex  premier ouvrier de J-B Vuillaume
and dated by ink.

Some instruments are signed to the inside.

Awards and medals
1867 - Distinction as collaborator. (Mention Honorable)
 Paris (France) Exposition Universelle.

- Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers, René VANNES.
- J.B. Vuillaume. Roger MILLANT
- La Lutherie Lorraine et Française, Albert JACQUOT.
(More specific publication references are available in our Bibliography section.)

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