Birth : 1877 in Mirecourt (Vosges/France) Death : 1944 in Asnières (Eure/France)


Emile BOULANGEOT completed his apprenticeship under Emile LAURENT in Mirecourt.
In 1893, he joined Gustave BERNARDEL's workshop in Paris.
BOULANGEOT stayed with
CARESSA & FRANCAIS when they succeeded Gustave BERNARDEL in 1901.
In 1909, he left Paris to joined
Paul BLANCHARD's workshop in Lyon.
After the death of Paul BLANCHARD in 1912, BOULANGEOT took over his workshop and became the official violin maker of Lyon’s Music Conservatory.
BOULANGEOT retired in 1928.

Emile BOULANGEOT produced approximately 175 violins, 7 violas, and 28 cellos made after his personal model, and coated with a rich orange or orange-red varnish.

Collaborators and Successors
Georges CONÉ took over BOULANGEOT's workshop in 1928.

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