Birth : 1794 in Darney (Vosges) Death : 1883 in Mirecourt (Vosges)


Jean Joseph Honoré DERAZEY completed his apprenticeship in Mirecourt. He then went to Paris where he worked for several workshops. Around 1830, he joined Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME's workshop where his skill and experience placed him quickly among the main collaborators of this great master. While with VUILLAUME, among other collaborators, DERAZEY produced the majority of his Gaspar da Salo copies.
Honorey DERAZEY left JB VUILLAUME's workshop in 1839.

C. 1840, DERAZEY returned to Mirecourt where he established himself.

Honoré DERAZEY’s production was quite abundant, a part of which was Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME under his own label. DERAZEY worked after the great classic Italian masters, mainly A. Stradivari and, though more rarely, after Amati.
His instruments can bear both his stamp to the inside back and the label of the master he copied, or the label by itself. Sometimes one can also find the date and signature to the inside.
His Mirecourt production can bears both a stamp including H.D. Mt. in a circle, and H. DERAZEY stamped to the inside back.

Label and stamp
- Generally stamped "H DERAZEY" to the inside back
- also one can find "HD Mirecourt" in an oval stamped to the inside back.

DERAZEY’s collaborators included:
- BRUGEREFrançois known as "Malakoff"

His son Justin Amédéee succeeded Honoré DERAZEY in 1879.

Honors and Awards
- Silver medal at the 1851 World Fair in England
- First Class medal at the 1855 Paris Fair, as stated on some of his labels

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