Birth : 1908 in Mattaincourt (Vosges)


Paul DIDIER’s father, Marius DIDIER, was a violin maker in charge of the artist workshop at Thibouville Lamy.
At the age of fourteen, Paul DIDIER joined Thibouville Lamy to begin his apprenticeship. In 1925 to 1928, he worked with his father who had established a workshop in Mattaincourt, making violins mainly for Parisian firms such as FISSORE and P. BEUSHER.
In 1928, Paul DIDIER had to complete his mandatory service in the French Army. He returned to his father’s workshop in 1929.
In 1936, he left his father to open his own workshop in Metz.

Honors and Awards
Paul Didier won several gold medals and first prizes in exhibitions in Paris, Sens, and Toulouse.

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