Birth : 1884 in Lille (Nord) Death : 1937 in Lille (Nord)


Son of Joseph HEL, he served his apprenticeship, after René VANNES, with a member of BAZIN's family, probably Gustave.
He then joined his father's workshop to whom he succeed in 1902.

Pierre HEL made for some years copies of the italian Masters : Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri, but soon developed his own model.
HEL's production is estimated at more than 400 instruments.
Beside his own instruments, Pierre HEL developed a production of student quality instruments, probably crafted first in his own workshop by his assistants, but later produced by the workshop of Léon MOUGENOT in Mirecourt.
These instruments were labelled "Stradivarius Moderne" with date and serial number.
This trade mark was continued for a while by Olivier MARISSAL.

Label and Stamp
Pierre HEL's instruments bear a dated label.
Generally, even if with some rare exceptions, one can find the followings ;
Stamps to the inside back and top.
Stamp to the outside lowest rib, under the button.
On the outside back : a double circle including P. HEL name's initials separated by a cross.
Ot the inside top or back : a text written in ink stating the date and place of the making + signature.
On the centre of the inside back : the rank number of the violin in P HEL's production written in ink.

Awards & medals
Luthier des Conservatoires de Lille and La Haye (Dan Haag).
Pierre HEL won several exhibition medals : 1904 Saint Louis (USA), 1906 Milan (Itl)
His violins have been played by some of the greatest violinist of his time and later, including Eugène ENESCO, William PRIMROSE, Eugène YSAYE and Stephane GRAPELLI.

- DEMEY Marcel
- MARISSAL Auguste
- MARISSAL Olivier

At HEL's death his wife, with the help of his first assistant Marcel DEMEY, succeeded him..

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