Birth : 1803 in Paris (Ile-de-France) Death : 1859 in Paris (Ile-de-France)


Second son of Jean Baptiste HENRY, a violin maker, Charles HENRY, known as Carolus, served his apprenticeship in his father's workshop, located at 175 rue Saint Martin, before becoming his collaborator.
In 1831, upon the death of his father, Charles took over his workshop.
Charles HENRY invented an instrument named "Baryton" in 1847. Played as a violin, this instrument was sounded an octave lower.

Honors & Awards:
1849: bronze medal at the Paris International Exhibition.
1855: silver medal at the Paris International Exhibition.

Charles HENRY's son and pupil, L. Eugène HENRY, eventually succeeded his father upon his death in 1859.

There is some difficulties to establish clearly the location of Carolus Henry's workshop.
After Albert Jacquot, Carolus Henry succeeded his father, at 175 rue Saint Martin, in 1831.
Albert Jacquot states that the number of the street changed from n° 175 to n° 151, the workshop remaining located at the same place, and shows a copy of a label reading 151 rue Saint Martin.
After a manuscript inscription inside the violin #97, shown in the Archives Gallery of our website, one can read n° 29 rue Saint Martin at the date of 1839.

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